In 2007 the MVC and the Dept of Corrections signed a long-lasting, formalized agreement to provide direct services to Missouri’s Incarcerated Veterans. Since then we have continued to develop reentry initiatives with the goal of facilitating the transition of Veteran offenders to a productive life in our communities.

The Incarcerated Veterans Outreach Program is specifically designed for Qualified Veterans who are in the Transitional Phase within (3 to 6 months) of their release date from Department of Corrections.


Our vision and initial goals for success of this program is to ensure that Veterans in the State of Missouri are given the right direction and assistance to what is available in their community after their time has been served with Department of Corrections.


In order for an Incarcerated Veteran to qualify for this program, he/she must have served the military time requirements, show verification of military service, and military discharge status is under honorable conditions.

Dependents of the Offender Veterans serving their sentence time in a correctional facility can request information on what is available to them as a Dependent to help with financial matters through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Dependents must have the Offender Veterans military service information, VA file number, and marriage license in order to get assistance through Department of Veterans Affairs.


This program is a way to reach out to these Offender Veterans for the purpose of informing them about VA benefits that they may be eligible to receive after their warrants are cleared from DOC systems.


The Incarcerated Veterans Re-Entry Coordinators position is to:

  • Provide education about this program to Department of Corrections staff, Law Enforcement, Probation and Parole, Community service organizations and other supporting state agencies, homeless facilities, who assist in serving qualified veterans in the best direction for them to go and offer morale support during this transitional phase.
  • Serves as a general information resource station, give available resources in the area a Offender Veteran plans to reside in, offer free services for assistance with VA claims. Submitting claims, appealing claims, assisting with pensions and other assistance that the Veterans may need.
  • Attend monthly Probation & Parole District Meetings, DOC meeting, going to Veterans Outreach Events, and Benefits Awareness Fairs.