March 03, 2023

Missouri Veterans Commission Hopes 47% Pay Boost over last 14 Months, Federal Grant Will Boost Retention and Recruitment Efforts

JEFFERSON CITY – Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) essential caregivers will see a substantial pay increase effective March 1, thanks to House Bill 14 and a federal grant. Frontline staff who work in a Missouri Veterans Home as senior support care assistants and support care assistants will be receiving a one-time payment of over $900 in addition to the 8.7% pay increase provided to all State of Missouri employees. In the past 14 months support care assistants' base pay has risen from $12.01 to $17.61, a 47% increase.

MVC announced on February 10 that it had been awarded a federal grant by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs that would allow for full-time senior support care assistants and support care assistants to receive a one-time payment of $920.42. These roles are the backbone of the Veterans Home Program as they are essential to the Veterans' everyday care. The one-time differential is also available to successful candidates hired for these positions between March 1 and July 1, 2023.

"These pay increases are critical in helping retain and recruit staff," said MVC Executive Director Paul Kirchhoff. "The work our frontline team members are asked to do, day in and day out, takes compassion, skill, and determination. It takes a special person to wake up every single day and go to work caring for others. Our nation's heroes deserve the best care possible, and these increases will help us to provide that for them."

In addition to the 8.7% pay increase for all state team members, MVC staff working evening and night shifts at a Missouri Veterans Home are now eligible to receive a $2/hour shift differential. Before March 1, evening shift workers earned an extra $ 1/hour, and night shift workers earned an extra $1.50/hour.

During fiscal year 2022, MVC had a 54% vacancy rate for support care assistants and a 45% vacancy rate for senior support care assistants. In this same period, MVC saw a 105% turnover in support care assistants and 50% in senior support care assistants statewide. MVC is hopeful that the newest round of pay increases will help attract new talent and retain existing staff.

The Missouri Veterans Commission operates seven state Veterans Homes, five State Veterans Cemeteries, and the Veterans Services Program. The Commission is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care for Veterans, seamlessly integrated with the Veteran community, emphasizing a culture of transparency and excellence. For more information about Missouri Veterans Commission programs, call 573-751-3779 or visit


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