The following is a brief description of benefits available to Veterans, surviving spouses and dependents.


Compensation is a benefit paid to a Veteran who was injured while on active duty. How much money you make or the value of your net worth has nothing to do with this particular benefit. So if you were hurt while on active duty, even if it was not the result of combat, you can file a claim for a service connected (S/C) disability. If the VA approves your claim for a S/C disability and you are rated by the VA at 10% or higher, the VA will pay you COMPENSATION. In other words you will be compensated for the injury you received while serving your country.


Pension is an income based benefits that requires at least 90 days of active duty service prior to 1980 and at least one day of that service must have been during a declared war time period. After 1980 it requires 2 years of active duty service and again at least one day during the war time period. Since it is an income based benefit you must fall within guidelines for your monthly income and for your total net worth. You also have to be over 65 years old OR in a nursing home OR be permanently and totally disabled at any age, and have an honorable discharge.

Death Pension

If you are the widow/widower of a Veteran, who’s death has nothing to do with his/her service, you may be eligible for Death Pension. To be eligible your income must fall within the guidelines and the Veteran must have the required military service time as stated above. Age, being in a nursing home, or being permanently disabled, which are qualifying factors for the Veteran, does NOT apply to the widow/widower.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

For a survivor to be eligible for DIC the Veterans death must have resulted from a disease or injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty while on active duty or active duty for training. An injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty while on inactive duty training. A service connected disability or a condition directly related to a service connected disability. DIC also may be paid to survivors of veterans who were totally disabled from service connected conditions at the time of their death, even though their service connected disabilities did not cause their death. The survivor qualifies if the veteran was continuously rated totally disabled for a period of 10 years immediately preceding death. Continuously rated totally disabled from the date of military discharge and for at least 5 years immediately preceding death. Surviving spouses of a veteran who died on or after 1/1/93 receive a basic rate, plus additional payments for dependent children.

Health Care Benefits

You may be entitled to receive medical care and prescription through the VA health care system. Service connected Veterans are eligible to receive VA health care and Many non- service connected Veterans are also entitled to VA heath care. You can apply for VA health care benefits by submitting a VA Form 10-10EZ to the nearest VA medical center or through your local Veteran Service Officer.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include education, ChampVA, nursing homes, cemetery, home loans, Voc Rehab.

For further assistance contact your nearest Veterans Service Officer.