In order to assist the cemetery staff in maintaining the appearance of the cemetery in an appropriate manner, we ask that you review and follow cemetery regulations. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding these policies.

Flowers and Flower Containers

Fresh cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time. Cemetery personnel will remove and discard flowers, which have become withered, faded, or otherwise unsightly. No permanent plantings made be made on the graves. Inexpensive metal or plastic floral containers should be used to display flowers. The use of glass containers is prohibited. Vases are available from the cemetery staff. The cemetery is not responsible for lost or damaged containers.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are permitted on graves from October 15 through April 15. Potted plants will be permitted on graves 10 days before and 10 days after Easter Sunday only.

Christmas Season

Christmas wreaths and floral grave blankets will be permitted from December 1 through January 15.

Unauthorized Decorations

Permanent plantings, statues, pictures, balloons, vigil lights, breakable items of any kind, and similar commemorative items are not permitted on graves, markers, or niche covers. Upright metal grave markers (flag holders) are not permitted. Unauthorized items will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

Memorial Day

Graves will be decorated prior to Memorial Day with small flags. These flags will be removed immediately after Memorial Day and are not permitted on graves at any other time. Only one flag per grave is permitted.

Prohibited Activities

Littering; cutting of trees, shrubs, grass, or other plantings; allowing pets to run loose; recreational activities such as jogging, skating, bicycling, etc; public gatherings of a partisan nature. Please do not sit on grave markers.

Visiting Hours

The cemetery is open to the public for visitation from sunrise until sunset daily. The cemetery office is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.