Annual Leave (Vacation)

Employees earn annual leave in proportion to their length of state service:

  • 0 - 10 years earn 10 hours per month (5 hours semi-monthly)
  • 10 - 15 years earn 12 hours per month (6 hours semi-monthly)
  • 15 years and over earn 14 hours per month (7 hours semi-monthly)

NOTE: leave for part-time employees is prorated

Paid Holidays

There are 12 official holidays each year.

Sick Leave

Regardless of length of service, state employees earn 5 hours semi-monthly (15 days of sick leave per year). Unused sick leave accumulates indefinitely to protect employees from loss of salary because of illness.

Share Leave

Leave share is sick leave with one important difference - employees do not earn it as they earn sick leave, the department grants it. Any employee of the department may donate annual leave to the Leave Share pool. Any eligible employee of the department may apply to receive donated annual leave hours in the form of sick leave, subject to availability and to Missouri Veterans Commission policy. All sick leave, annual leave, compensatory time and holiday pay must be taken prior to leave share being used.

Health Benefits

Employees and their families have the option to enroll in health benefits, and are offered a variety of insurance coverage plans. A portion of the cost for the employee is paid by the state. Optional vision & Dental insurance also is available. Please visit for details.

Life Insurance

State employees automatically have one time their annual salary, of basic life insurance coverage paid by the state. Additional insurance for the employee, spouse and children is available at the employee's expense. Please visit and for more information.


For each employee the state makes monthly contributions to a retirement plan. The amount of each employee's benefit is determined by age at retirement, months of creditable service, salary and payment schedule. Please visit for details.

Deferred Compensation

Employees may defer a portion of their salary before state and federal income taxes are withheld. Each employee designates where his or her funds are to be invested by selecting from various options, including money market funds, fixed rate funds, growth funds, etc. Please visit click here for more details.

Cafeteria Plan

Employees may convert state-sponsored insurance premium payments (health, dental, vision and group term life) to tax free dollars as well as flexible spending accounts for flexible medical benefits and dependent care assistance. Please visit for details.

Education Reimbursement

Employees may be eligible for participation in the tuition reimbursement program subject to availability of funds. The program allows employees to obtain reimbursement for a percentage of tuition fees associated with successful completion of undergraduate and graduate courses.

Employee Assistance Program

This is a confidential service for state employees and their families. It will provide advice and counseling on a variety of family, personal, and emotional issues, pre-paid for you through health insurance benefits.


Flexible schedules are available in some instances. The Commission encourages employee development.

To view a calculation of Missouri Benefits as a percentage of salary please click here.